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  • S902

  • YFS



Linear rail design, with high appearance level, at the same time with high suction, both wisdom.

Net weight 1.6kg, lightweight design, do not need to load clean, light and compact, easy for daily cleaning operation.

Suitable for household cleaning, hotel cleaning, outdoor cleaning, etc., widely used, equipped with floor brush, slit nozzle, rotary joint and other parts, one machine multi-purpose.Dual axis free rotation, more flexible, more convenient to use.Ultra thin brush head, no need to move furniture, corner, furniture bottom, to the bottom.

Super strong lithium ion battery 22.2V (2200mAh).

Lithium-ion batteries charge in 4-5 hours.

Working time: 20-35 hours.

Low noise, the noise is controlled below 65 DECIbels, which is different from the ear-shaking noise of other household vacuum cleaners.

Electronic power regulation: Two steps.

Accessories: Floor brush. Slit nozzle, rotary joint.


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YFS is famous for its fashionable and simple design, adhering to the brand concept of "enjoy science and technology, clean life".

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