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  • D608

  • YFS



[Have physical level, naturally good-looking] Injection color, more beautiful appearance, more smooth, more delicate, feel more comfortable, greatly increase the use of experience.

[Ergonomic design, direct suction mouth, fast suction, prevent suction loss] High performance motor, powerful suction cup, 12KPa suction, stirring household dust, dirt, hair.

[High frequency flapping effectively removes dust mites] Large area beating board, vertical up and down large area beating, closer to the hand beating effect, powerful removal of hidden in the depth of the bedding mites, PM2.5, bacteria and other allergens.

[Strong suction, high penetration, deep clean and remove mites] 300W high power, bring strong suction. The high penetration rate of UV-C ultraviolet lamps can destroy the cell membrane of organisms such as mites and bacteria, so that mites and bacteria lose their viability and fecility, and reduce allergens from the source.

[Porous hot air dehumidification, keep the bedding dry] The bottom heat exhaust is heated by the physical heating principle, which can kill mites and effectively reduce the humidity of the mattress, keep the bed dry and odor-free, and effectively inhibit the breeding of mites.

[Washable filter accessories, clean and hygienic]The ergonomic handle and 4.0 flat cable are enough to carry you to the corner of the bed or sofa, meeting all expectations of quality and performance.


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YFS is famous for its fashionable and simple design, adhering to the brand concept of "enjoy science and technology, clean life".

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