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  • BD805

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[Roller design, just push to complete mite removal] The bottom of the mechanical roller design, as long as the use of leaving the clean object, the roller will automatically spring up, UV-C sterilization lamp also automatically shut down; When the wheel is pressed down again, the UV-C light comes on again.

[Penetration ultraviolet irradiation, mites removal rate of 100%] The high penetration rate of UV-C ultraviolet lamps can destroy the cell membrane of organisms such as mites and bacteria, so that mites and bacteria lose their viability and reproduction ability, and reduce allergens from the source.Professional grade UV, sterilization has its own set.

Ultraviolet safety switch to prevent irradiation.

[Visible water dust bin, multiple filtration, ensure fresh air] Double FILTRATION SYSTEM, deep purification, efficient interception, catch dust mites, make the exhaust air more fresh and clean, prevent secondary pollution.

[The bottom noise is silent, gentle as the wind] High performance motor effectively wraps noise,Give you a quiet and gentle environment when using.

[Three-in-one Functon Vacuum for Bed] Bed vacuum cleaner adopts the three-in -one function ofnhigh-frequency flapping ,strong sunction ,and purple light penetration.Combined with professional research to customize the U-shaped strong violet light tube,the irradiaton intensity is greatly improved ,making cleaning more convenience and thorough.


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